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Field policies

what's allowed (& what's not) on berry hill

Prohibited Items

To ensure the safety of our visitors, the following items are not permitted in our field: 

  • Pets (of all sizes)

  • Cigarettes/Cigars/Tobacco

Families & Children

While individuals of all ages are welcome in our field, we do ask that parents keep tabs on their children to ensure their safety and a pleasant experience for all visitors. 

Shoes & Sun Protection

For the safety of our visitors, shoes must be worn in the field at all times. Since Pennsylvania summers can be quite toasty, we also recommend bringing bottled water and applying sun protection before a long session of blueberry picking.

Trash & Berry Tossing

Out of respect for the field, and to guarantee the continued operation of our u-pick farm, we prohibit visitors from throwing blueberries and leaving trash in the field. Individuals who disobey this request may be asked to leave.

Thank you for helping make the u-pick experience enjoyable for all!


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